Hot Candice Swanepoel in bikinis and lingerie

In the world of the Hot Sexy Celebs, everyone seem to be on a constant competition when it comes to keeping their bodies tight and sexy at all times. They take a lot of selfies and post them on social media, whether they are in their glamorous attires or simply the sexiest bikinis and trunks they can fit themselves into.

Candice Swanepoel is no exception. She’s one of these lucky celebs who has awesome breasts and fine ass to show off during any photo shoot and it doesn’t matter if she’s asked to be in any form of clothing as it will always turn out so friggin’ hot. Look at these pictures and you won’t find a single image which is a slight unflattering. It’s like all those lingerie and bikinis have been made to fit like pervy gloves on her, clinging in every bit of curve she’s got. Candice makes it so easy for us to imagine how nice it would be to see those tits out from her bikini tops or taking a peek right from her tight lingerie.

Plus, these photos don’t only show those juicy tits but her meaty ass too. She fits in her bottoms quite perfectly that her assets are screaming with sexiness. All the right angle and lighting brings out her sizzling physique and everyone will agree that she’s wild as fuck. That cleavage is pretty inviting and any man’s stiff cock will find its way between those tits easily. Oh, and don’t forget that sweet ass. We should totally do some kinda motor-boating thingy on them too and give that snatch a few licks from behind. Make your own fantasies by enjoying this full pic gallery and check back here on for more gorgeous celeb hotties.

Paris Hilton nipslip in a cut-out white gown

One can never be too careful in these tight-fit revealing gowns. In Hollywood, every single celebrity who dare wear something sleazy in front of their fans and wherever they may wander, paparazzi are sure to be just a few inches away from their pace and taking all the pictures they can, hoping something worthwhile would happen. You know, something like what Paris Hilton might have successfully given these photogs, some piece of skin from that perky juggs of hers.

While a lot of us already seen so many leaked photos of Paris where her tits are displayed rather shamelessly, it’s still a hit on the net when there’s a sudden flash of those funbags while they are in their supposedly glamorous getup. always has a way to catch these red carpet offenders and we make sure to bring you the hottest picture galleries where famous celebs like Paris Hilton are caught in a not-so-flattering image. Gotta blame their choice in outfits. But probably they do want to ‘accidentally’ show their bum or give a peek of their pussy when they go for a no-undies look under those body-hugging mini dresses.

Besides, these instances give them the spotlight and maybe a month’s worth of publicity when it comes to social media. Paris Hilton fits right in Reality Star Scandals since she’s one of ’em hardcore bitches who has a lot hiding under those sleeves if she needed to be in the center of it all. This photo set is just the tip of the iceberg as you can only hope to see more of those perky tits. We have more revealing stuff to show soon so better watch out for those.

Hot Kimberley Garner displays her sexy body

One of the many locations any Hollywood paparazzi love hanging out to catch a glimpse of their subjects is a no-brainer. It’s, of course, the beach. Other than seeing those bikini-clad babes, at times, they get more what they bargained for and take photos of these unsuspecting people while they’re exposing way too much skin. This could happen two ways: one is when they do like to show their skin or two, there’s some slight wardrobe malfunction, which are meant for the world to see eventually.

Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing Kimberley Garner’s bare twat or her fine round tits away from her bikini tops. But these pictures clearly show just how much anyone could fantasize very kinky thoughts just by looking at that tight body in a sexy skimpy 2-piece swimsuit. Paparazzi Stalkers once again caught a fine piece of ass roaming around on a sandy beach and the more it made her look steamy hot because any skimpy red bikini will look flattering on someone’s body.

Well, probably only when your body is as fine as Kimberley’s and you do have that same yummy butt cheeks we all wanna grab and squeeze. has a lot of these photos of sexy ass celebs but some had theirs enhanced in a way so they kinda ruin the fun when you like to imagine licking and nibbling on it because it’s like munching on injected collagen of a sort. So, no. Might as well as enjoy this full gallery of real perky tits and tight firm ass. You’d want to see more of these bikini celebrities strutting their stuff in public so you better check back every now and then.

Stephy Tang gets wild sucking on a dick

If you think only those amateur honeys can make such hot picture galleries of their sexcapades, this Homemade Celebrity Porn will prove you wrong. Because even these famous people like sharing their naughty photos whether it’s by accident or their own choice. Perfect example of this is sexy artist Stephy Tang displaying her wild side while sucking on a hard throbbing cock.

These celebrities are just like you and me, whether they accept it or not, when it comes to all things kinky. The moment a person feels the urge and need to release some tension in a rather fun and sleazy way, it won’t matter if you’re an ordinary Joe or a hardcore Jane. likes sharing these pictures to show you all that it is free to fantasize fucking or getting fucked by your favorite celebs. Stephy’s photos will surely make you hard so fast by just looking at her from your point of view, you can easily imagine your boner inside that warm Asian mouth.

She enjoys playing with her lover’s boner between her hands, as if to heat it up more before begging for him to fuck her holes with it. But even before feeling her BF’s cock inside her pussy, she wanted to have a taste of it and it gives her more pleasure when she hears him moan in delight each time the tip of the cock reaches her throat. Stephy enjoys the sensation of this dick growing inside her mouth as she sucks harder while playing with her boyfriend’s balls. She ended up getting banged in the pussy of course and this what makes her entire pic album worth your time and energy.

Christina Milian rocks sexy bikini in Cancun

If you are a hot artist like Christina Milian, with that sexy bikini body to boot, it’s no surprise seeing all these paparazzi swarming all over you wherever you go. You could be just right in your garage or your balcony or trying to relax in a beach with friends, but they will always find you. Hoping to get a glimpse of your candid moments especially some bits that might accidentally hang loose or show through your clothes, these sexy stars have no escape.

But these photos show that Christina is having fun exposing her tight body in that bikini despite knowing there are a bunch of cameras taking pics of her. It’s all part of their lives and she’s pretty used to it. One reason for her to workout a lot and get her tight body built back after gaining weight for a few months. It is the best thing to do when paparazzi happens, give them what they want to see and everybody’s gonna be happy. Besides, she does look stunning in that skimpy swimsuit so there’s nothing to hide. Nothing to hide from, that is.

All of them hot black babes find their way here and Christina Milian is no exception. We may not be seeing her erect nips through that bikini top and some yummy cameltoe isn’t quite visible in the photos either but there’s still a reason to get a boner by just looking at that hot ass and round tits. She spices up Ebony Hollywood whether you wanna admit it or not. Let’s hope to see more of her and her naughty bits soon. Enjoy the rest of her bikini snaps here and check back soon.

Hottie Jessica Alba displays her tight ass

Jessica Alba has always been known for that sweet juicy bum and she’s also that yummy and sexy in every part of that tight body. Celebrity Spanker caught her enjoying the sun in her skimpy bikini and it exposes her fine curves in the right places.

These photos are like better than the nice warmth of the sun as it shows Jessica’s hot perky funbags and spankylicious bum, which she’s obviously very proud of while posing quite seductively and even going topless at some point as she sunbathes. She knows there are paparazzi taking pictures and having the pleasure over the sight of her so she makes it a point to give them what they want and pose in the hottest ways possible for the ‘stolen’ shots. Plus, she likes to put on some public display of affection every now and then by riding her partner’s back, keeping her body tightly close on his skin, making him feel her boobs and probably wet pussy.

Jessica Alba loves the attention and it’s a great thing that the cameras love capturing all these hot photos of hers because she never fails to excite the people around her. is a breeding ground for all the Hollywood hotties and you will find only the best of ’em lot here. This sexy ass actress will drive you wild for sure while you browse through all her bikini pics and who knows what she might have for us in the next posts so you better watch out for more of our kinky and wild Hollywood finds.

Selena Gomez nipslip and cameltoe candids

It’s not new in showbiz to get caught with your naughty bits displayed because some don’t give a shit if paparazzi would take pictures of them and share these kinky shots all over the net. It is how they earn and there’s no stopping them from waiting for something to happen that’s worth the gossip. has a lot of these personalities that you can see photos of nipslips or an entire funbag hanging out from a tight dress, or their sexy ass and pussy peeking through their underwear or what’s left of their underwear, just about anywhere. But of course you will only see the best and hottest pics of these Dirty Teen Celebrities here and we’re glad to get this set from the gorgeous Selena Gomez. Not only does she have that lovely baby-face looks, she has the curves to show and show off in all those sexy outfits she wear. But what we wanted more is to get a glimpse of what’s inside those body-hugging clothes so we have all these sizzling galleries of teen babes accidentally exposing their breasts or snatch.

Selena was having fun with friends at the beach and getting wet in that cute bikini when her nips decided to show themselves and give the paparazzi something to work on. Plus, the inevitable moments of getting a yummy cameltoe when you dip in the water in those bikini bottoms is worth the headline too. This is not the first time we’ve seen hot babe Selena and her delish bits so if you’re a fan and wanted more, better check back soon for these dirty teens after you seen all her photos here.

Vida Guerra shows off her tight ass in personal self-shot pics

Here’s the Twitter photos of Vida Guerra, one super sexy celeb hottie who is more than eager to prove that she’s so damn hot. I didn’t know who Vida Guerra was until you asked me this question and now all I have to say is WOW! OH GOD surely “THAT THING” must be cutting off her circulation! Well, these scorching hot twitter pictures of Vida Guerra, makes the young super star truly looks a major gf!

This celebrity slut probably shared all this self shot photos in her sensuous stay-at-home-clothes and gyn outfits. I only hope that they have a lesbian scene. I mean, just imagine the bootylicious body of Vida Guerra while other hotties or male celebs skinny frame. I think I just creamed my pants by just typing that.

Well, I can’t wait to see the movie, but for now just enjoy these sexy photos of young celeb Vida Guerra! If you want to see more home made alluring and lewd pics and video clips of your favorite celebrities, head on over at Homemade Celebrity Porn!

Candice Swanepoel in another hot topless Victoria’s Secret photoshoot

Dirty Teen Celebrities gives us a sassy and just lusty young Victoria Secret’s angel for this week’s episode! It’s hot photographs of young super model Candice Swanepoel while looking like a A-class blond bombshell for this summer’s ad campaign of the famous lingerie brand. Apparently Victoria Secret is trying to seel the idea that being a brazilian bikinis bombshell isn’t a negative thing. It is a lifestyle and what a way to justify just that by having the hot young fashion model Candice Swanepoel pose in a variety lingerie and bikinis as well as promote some cosmetic products. Bombshell as a lifestyle eh? I can dig that, as long as they keep publishing sultry images of young tiny titted models like Erin Hearthterton!

I just hope I meet the guy who thought of this summer campaign ad for Victoria Secret. I mean the sheer talent of that person to sell the idea that a super model bimbo is a great thing to be and even have a young star tart like Candice Swanepoel act like one is just recomendable. Not! That was me being sarcastic. How hard is it to tell a burning hot young model to act like a nimbi in lingerie and bikinis? But hey at least we get to see this leggy young fashion model’s hot brazilian bikinis and lingerie photos right?

If you want to see more hot young super models, Hollywood stars and other innocent young public personalities getting sensuous, acting raunchy and just going crazy, check out Dirty Teen Celebrities today!

Nicki Minaj busty at the 2012 American Music Awards

Whoever had broken Nicki Minaj’s heart must not have seen the body enclosing it. This R&B singer-songwriter just abandoned the gowns and concerts for a quick photoshoot in her undies. And boy, this hottie definitely has the fuck-me-now bod.

Just look at how she has to grope those big tits to keep them from falling. I never really regarded her as the stripper kind but with that hot body, I’d have to wonder why she never considered it. I know many would love to see her grind that sexy ass on the dance floor while teasingly taking each piece of clothing off. Or gyrate her waist seductively on one of those metal poles and tease our hard ons to hell. She sure could have easily paid off those bankruptcy claims if she had switched careers instead. I’d pay to see that naked body raunchily sexing a vibrator on stage. But that’s just me.

And don’t fret you pervs, as I can see there’s still plenty of time for her to change her mind. Although if we don’t get lucky, at least we still have these pictures of Nicki Minaj spreading her pussy wide for all us to masturbate over.